“Blown away by the strong collaborative governance”

Evaluation 2014, Centre for Social Impact


"To all the crew... it was a great opportunity to come to your community. We felt so lucky to meet a great bunch of hardworking crew who believe in their vision. Big thanks for sharing so much of your knowledge in waste management. We hope that this is the start of a longterm friendship, and that with your wealth of knowledge we can become leaders in waste management up here in the Gulf."

Brad Rake, Employment and Training Manager, Bynoe Aboriginal Community Advancement Cooperative


"Through Council's social procurement processes, we are able to make a positive difference to those in our community suffering long term disadvantage.

This focus on doing something positive to address social, environmental and economic issues in our community has had lasting and meaningful impacts and really made a difference.”

John Cavanagh, Manager of Waste, Health and Regulatory Services, Great Lakes Council


"For their workers, community recycling centres offer decent wages and social inclusion. For councils, they represent a service to the community, a cost-effective way to manage waste, and an investment in future environmental sustainability.

It all seems too good to be true but it really isn’t. There should be one of these in every shire in Australia."

Dr May Lam, Jobs Australia