COVID-19: re-use shops to reopen

Did you see us in the news?

“Tinkerage members source most of their materials from the adjoining Dunmore Revolve, a spotless and immaculately organised recycling facility, where you can pick up furniture, doors, china, glass and countless preloved and discarded objects for next to nothing. Some are chipped or damaged, others are simply waiting for a second chance. Rusted birdcages become plant holders. A dog kennel gets a door and becomes a storage unit for garden tools. A set of tea strainers and spoons gets added to cut metal piping and voila – a wind chime. Ideas and inspiration often come from Pinterest and Instagram. “The beauty of it is, you are not trying to make anything perfect,” says one tinkerer. “The satisfaction comes from upcycling.”
Thanks to the Guardian for the feature on our Shellharbour/ Dunmore facility.” Source: The Guardian

Check out the full “The Guardian” article here


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