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“It’s awesome to come to work everyday and to know
that we’re a family and we’re helping people in the community.”

Jarrod | Revolve Dunmore
Reviva Noosa

“We’re all in this together – working to reuse, recycle and up-cycle. At the same time we’re helping the community with reasonably priced goods.”

“There are a lot of people in our community who don’t have a lot of money and they rely on us to provide them with affordable goods.”

“RRA’s social enterprise model makes you feel good. There are people on Community Service and other volunteers who come in to work with us. It really improves their quality of life being a part of the team.”

Reviva Toowoomba

“We are such a throwaway society and there are only so many places where you can store rubbish. I think we need to reuse anything that can be reused.”

“You see a lot of the older-style furniture and stock that is well made and can be reused. We get a lot of second-hand dealers coming through; they’re keen on the vintage and antique stuff. Then we get everyday people who are looking for items for their gardens or home renovations.”

“It’s good to hear people’s stories and do whatever you can to help them. People may be struggling, you don’t know what they are going through but you can help them out, even if it’s just something to put in their garden or something they can use around the house.”

The Green Tuncurry

“I’m a proud Aboriginal man and RRA has good cultural awareness. I see a long-term future here. I enjoy learning new things about recycling and reuse, and helping our customers.”

“I love that I get to be an all-rounder and every day is different. 

“I work with my team, not above them. I’m not only their supervisor, I’m their co-worker and their leader.

“As a video-game person I love the old Nintendos and Segas that come in, as well as old guitars. I’m amazed by what people throw out.”

Mobile Community Recycling Service (MCRS)

“I come from Vietnam. Most of our people don’t know how to look after the environment. When I started in this job, I learnt how to do that. Now I tell my family, friends and neighbours to look after the environment.”

John joined RRA in 2016 as a casual worker who was looking for more secure employment. He became Manager of the Mobile Community Recycling Service in 2020.

“The people we meet everyday are so happy. They have been looking for someone to take away their problem waste. They find our service, we take everything at no charge and that makes them happy.”

Revolve Dunmore

“I am truly grateful I have been offered this opportunity to help further my experience in the waste industry.”

Jarrod started work with our fellow social enterprise Soft Landing, as a Work for the Dole participant. He became Revolve Dunmore Manager in 2019.

“Every day I consider myself lucky to work with an amazing group of people plus mentors Matthew and Ally, and to be part of the RRA family.”

“People come in and they’ve just got their house and they don’t want to go and buy brand new furniture. We hear their story and help them out. That’s really rewarding for all of us. It’s awesome to come to work everyday and to know that we’re a family and we’re helping people in the community.”

Reviva Moss Vale

“Every time we repurpose or reuse something, it makes a difference. We can change the world.”

“A lot of people associate the term tip shop with being a little shed with essentially rubbish that you fossick through and you might find something. The way we do our shop is different, it deserves a better name. This is a great shop with a great vibe.

“Every day I feel like I’m making a difference, getting items that shouldn’t be in landfill back into circulation. In the team we ask each other, what steps can we take to make an impact? All the baby steps make an impact.


Last financial year we helped divert 6,700 tonnes of waste from landfill for reuse and recycling. We employed 104 people, 75% of whom were experiencing barriers when joining.



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