What's on at the Tinkerage

@ Dunmore Recycling and Waste Disposal Depot, 44 Buckleys Road, DUNMORE NSW 2529

Repair and Make Jewellery from Broken Things 

Saturday 14th September, 10am to 3pm
Teacher: Magdalena Pillai

Magdalena will teach you how to repair/upcycle your
broken jewellery. Don’t throw it out! Learn how to form
links, hooks, secure beading, and cold forging.
+ BYO safety glasses, ear protection, protective gloves,
and any jewellery you would like to find out how to repair.

BYO: safety glasses, ear protection, protective gloves and any jewellery
you would like to repair. You must wear enclosed protective shoes
to The Tinkerage.

Macrame Revamping

Saturday 12th October, 10am to 3pm
Teacher: Bonnie Austin
Learn basic knots that are useful for repairing and making
things such as hangings, wall decorations, as handles for
things, ends on hammocks, or incorporate macramé into
and around found objects.
BYO: scissors, paper and pen for note taking.
You must wear enclosed protective shoes to The Tinkerage.
Native Bee Hotels

Saturday 16th November, 10am to 3pm
Teacher: Alison Mellor

Find out about the many kinds of native bees in your garden with “native bee guru” Alison Mellor. Using recycled materials, this workshop will teach you how to make little homes to encourage these little pollinators into your garden

BYO:  safety glasses, ear protection, protective gloves. You must wear enclosed protective shoes to The Tinkerage.

 Rag Rug Making


Saturday 7th December, 10am to 3pm
Teacher: Jody Hezemans

Make your own toothbrush (Amish) Rag Rug out of old
sheets or quilt covers. Great way to re-purpose old
sheets into a soft rug, place-mat or a bed for your furry

BYO: fabric scissors. You must wear enclosed protective shoes to
The Tinkerage.

Mosaic a Pot or Paver


Saturday 4th January, 10am to 3pm
Teacher: Anita Larkin

Mosaic is a creative way to re-use tiles and crockery. Using colourful tiles to create your own patterns in a pot of a paver, you will create beautiful functional art for your home and garden !

BYO:  safety goggles, gloves, and you must wear enclosed protective shoes to The Tinkerage..

Note: Students will need to grout their mosaic on a different day due to the tile adhesive setting time. This can be done at home, or at The Tinkerage on a Friday.

Beginners Upholstery Workshop


 Saturday 15th February, 10am to 3pm
Teacher: Janine Bailey

 Learn the basics of upholstery by upcycling milk crates and materials into a funky crate seat. scissors, a staple gun (+8mm staples), a small flat screwdriver or staple remover, a Stanley knife, cotton/thread and sewing machine if you have one (we can share the machines). You must wear enclosed protective shoes to The Tinkerage

FREE for residents living in the Shellharbour council area.  $40 fee applies for non-Shellharbour residents.

To register contact Dunmore Revolve or The Tinkerage

Email: [email protected]

Phone: Dunmore Revolve 0242375193

Or register in person: at Dunmore Revolve Shop or The Tinkerage


 Participants must be over 16 years old.

Did you see us in the news?

“Tinkerage members source most of their materials from the adjoining Dunmore Revolve, a spotless and immaculately organised recycling facility, where you can pick up furniture, doors, china, glass and countless preloved and discarded objects for next to nothing. Some are chipped or damaged, others are simply waiting for a second chance. Rusted birdcages become plant holders. A dog kennel gets a door and becomes a storage unit for garden tools. A set of tea strainers and spoons gets added to cut metal piping and voila – a wind chime. Ideas and inspiration often come from Pinterest and Instagram. “The beauty of it is, you are not trying to make anything perfect,” says one tinkerer. “The satisfaction comes from upcycling.”
Thanks to the Guardian for the feature on our Shellharbour/ Dunmore facility.” Source: The Guardian

Check out the full “The Guardian” article here